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Comparing my favorites from Benefit and Mary Kay ♥

Hi there! On today's post  we will talk about one of my favorite topics: beauty. And specifically of two of my favourite makeup brands: Mary Kay and Benefit.

Both brands have a lot in common: they are American, were created by women for women, obsessed with leaving our perfect skin.  But they also differ in many ways: All treatments of Mary Kay are hight cosmetic. The packaging of Benefit is super original and fun. Mary Kay is only available through independent beauty consultants. Benefit has boutiques worldwide, corners in department stores and cool bars eyebrows.

They are the two brands that I like the most despite being very different and that's good, because I always try to stay with the best of each. In today's post we will review very similar proposals of the two brands and I will tell you what I opted for and why.

First  of all, after meeting your skin care routine you´ll be ready to start makeup. Ideally, prepare your skin to leave it as a canvas to make her up.

Benefit Porefessional  minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. Take vitamin E to help protect skin and set makeup. I have used this product for a long time. It really conceals pores a lot but one thing that does not quite convince me: the skin is too oily and often a surplus of product warns annoying. I must confess that when I was a few years younger I used it alone and with powder and the result was pretty decent without applying foundation after.  

Since trying the Mary Kay's Pre Foundation I fell in love with it, its texture is much lighter (and transparent), fills in imperfections and finish is matte. Also, do not leave oily skin because its formula is free of mineral oils and leads to absorb oil and reflect light, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. As if this were not enough, leads with 15 sunscreen that protects you from the sun's damaging rays and premature skin aging it produces.

The box of Benefit Bronzing Powder HOOLA is really cute and it has a super-mirror and small brush included, it last a lot of time and for us that love being brunettes it has a very good coverage. According to the amount of product you apply will be darker, so be careful. The finish is very dull and I dare say that even covers imperfections, but yes, the coverage is very intense and many people prefer to go unnoticed makeup. Benefit says it is "the Caribbean in a box" and really are right, in a few seconds you can get a mulatto tan.

Mary Kay's Bronzing Powder  come in a much more sober presentation, it is a plastic box without more, this has two reasons: all Mary Kay makeup comes with a magnet system designed so that you can you create your own kit makeup, this way (and second right) makeup is cheaper and you can replace only what you need without having to pay more for the packaging or the products you do not need.With these powders you´ll have a very natural look it does not cover as much as Benefit's and it gives the effect of radiant newcomer to the beach, it is much more soft to provide extra warmth whatever your skin tone.

The Benefit's Coralista Blush has been one of my favorite products for years. It's presentation, like the bronzing powders HOOLA, is cute and it's tropical coral color is perfect to give light to your face with its gold pigments. As you can see its price is quite high but I must say that it's long lasting.

The Shy Blush Mineral Blush by Mary Kay resembles much Coralista but you'll see that it has nothing to do. The first thing we notice is the packaing, which as I just explained above has its reason for being. Please notice that its price more than appropriate! And now let's go to the interesting part, as I said earlier Mary Kay is high cosmetic brand and the all formulas og their makeup  include minerals, vitamins A, C and E to protect your skin of free radicals that cause wrinkles. Make-up and treatment at the same time point in favor to this blush. And thanks to its formula absorbs excess oil, applies easily, the finish is perfect and very long lasting. This blush one of the best sellers in my Beauty Sessions I recommend to save this blush in one of the Mary Kay compact cases. It it is for the packaging I will prefer Benefit's because it is nicer but think all we're paying more just for the outside ...

And we are coming to the end of the post  with my dear Benefit Speed ​​Brow ... this product is unmatched. I discovered it from my beauty consultant Sheyla from the Benefit Brow Bar of Sephora Velázquez in Madrid. Before meeting Sheyla, some years ago, I had never touched my eyebrows. Sheyla is a complete professional of eyebrows and so her schedule is always full.

As I had never touched my eyebrows, I had never made ​​up, so I wanted something very natural and she recommended this product. This is a hair  eyebrow
gel with some color that make up eyebrows in a very natural way, while it is almost imperceptible. For my eyebrows is more than enough, I do not need to fill them (in which case the product would not be enough) or thicken so fast with this natural touch and feel perfect.

That's all for now, but soon we will bring you another post reviewing more products of Mary Kay and Benefit because they are so many and so unbelievable that they deserve your full attention. In the next beauty post we will review other bestselling product of Benefit, They're real! mascara and a treatment that has become indispensable in my daily routine: Mary Kay's Lash Primer  that leverages your lashes dramatically. We will also review the foundations of both brands, makeup fixers and the importance of using them and another of my basics Mary Kay´s Translucent Powder ideal for all who want to control those annoying glare on his face.

We want to know !! What are your favorites? What are your essential? Have you tried any of the Benefit  and / or Mary Kay products ?

Ale Samaniego

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